7 Skills to Make Mill$

"Your style of writing is great for high school students. I am using the book in my financial lit class so they understand not just financial lit concepts, but also the importance of the soft skills as part of building wealth."

Cindy Shaffer - FACS Teacher

 7 Skills to Make Mills is NOT about students becoming rich, but rather building the wealth of skill sets necessary to be successful in school, career and life!  The title is the hook to gain the interest of students long enough to teach them critical soft skills, employability skills and behvioral competencies the workforce expects them to possess.  YOU CAN send your students to college and the workplace equipped with the skills necessary to compete in the 21st century! Your students will learn how to develop their competitive advantage by honing 7 essential core competencies critical to college and career success. 7 Skills to Make Mills is being used in Middle and High Schools career success curricula across the country as the go-to-book for Soft Skills development.  

So what are the 7 Skills to Make Mills?

D = Dilligence - Dilligent students never allow someone elses lack of work ethic affect their work ethic.  They keep working hard, pushing through and overcoming the obstaces that life presents them, and are careful to not confuse ACTIVITY with ACHIEVEMENT.

O = Organization - Students should be the CEO of their lives, managing their two most valuable resources:  Time and Money!  GPA not only stands for GRADE POINT AVERGE, but it also stands for GOALS, PLAN, ACTION!

L = Leadership - Student leaders care just as much about their classmates, community and school as they do themselves.  They develop and train their minds to look for opportunities to make a difference and employ their initiative to act upon them.

L = Learning - The most expensive thing on this planet is ignorance!  The best investment a student can make is in themselves through education.  When it comes to their education, students must think like an investor and invest wisely to produce the greatest ROI!

A = Accountability - A students name is their BRAND and thus their most valuable asset!  Everything they do either enhances or diminshes the brand.  Character and Integrity are critical components to develop as they learn not to make excuses for themselves, but OWN every aspect of their lives.

R = Relationships - It has been said that we become the average of the 5 people with whom we most closely associate.  This couldn't be more true for students!  When 300 seniors are asked to assemble in the auditorium and sit wherever they choose, without exception, the top 5 students in the class will be sitting in close proximity of each other.

S = Speaking - The ability for students to articuate what is on their hearts and minds both verbally and written is critical to their success.  One of the most important conversations a student will ever have is the conversation they have with themselves, about themselves, when they are by themsevles!  

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