Why Didn’t They Hire Me? A Dozen Reasons Students, Graduates and Professionals Don’t Get Hired After the Interview!

May 31, 2020

Have you ever left an interview feeling like you hit it out of the park only to get that email saying, “…we’ve gone with another candidate.”  Don’t be discouraged, because not all is lost if you do an honest assessment of your candidacy.

Here are a DOZEN reasons interviews didn’t go as well as we thought:

1.  Not clearly communicating your value
Companies don’t pay people for time, but for the value they bring.  Spend some time thinking about what makes you different from everyone else and why you would be a valuable member of the team.  Be able to answer this question:  Why Should We Hire You?

2.  Not being yourself in the interview

From the awkward hand shake to the sweaty forehead – You sat down and your personality fled the room!  Personality and likability play a huge role in hiring decisions.  Relax, Compose and BE YOURSELF!

3.  Shying away from and minimizing your achievements
An Interview is one of the unique times when it is perfectly acceptable and expected to highlight your accomplishments.  You have to sell yourself!  The candidates interviewing before and after you are not going to convey what a great job you did on that big project.  That’s YOUR job!

4.  Overconfidence
No one wants to work with a know-it-all.  You can’t teach them anything.  Talk about your achievements and value with humility.

5.  Unprepared
Preparation determines interest.  Make sure you’ve done your homework on the company and can articulate why you want to work for them.  Bad answers:  I need a job, the pay, the benefits!  Good answers:  Shared vision, mission, integrity!

6.  Failure to address that ONE thing
Did you ask if there were any concerns about your candidacy?  Most don’t.  It is perfectly OKAY to inquire about any hesitancy the company may have about hiring you or if there is anything during the interview they need more clarification on.  Once you are out the door, it is too late.  Talk about it while you have their attention.

7.  Rambling
WONK, WONK, WONK!  Don’t go on and on and on and on.  When you eat up too much time on one question, it doesn’t leave time for the rest of the interview.  Keep your answers concise.  If you think you may have cut the answer short you can always ask, “Does this answer your question?”

8.  Poor follow through
Be sure to send a hand written note thanking everyone for their time and consideration.  An email gets tossed into the “Sea of Sameness” with everyone else.

9.  It was over before it started
The company had a pre-determined candidate they planned to hire before you ever walked in and there is nothing you could have said or done to change their mind.  Don’t take it personal.  Always give your best interview and make them wish they had hired you!  The Portland Trail Blazers wish they had hired Michael Jordan and Kevin Durant.

10.  Not asking for the job
In order to G-E-T you have to A-S-K.  Be sure to let them know you want the position.  Ask what the next step in the process is and for the opportunity to move forward in that process.

11.  It didn’t go as well as you thought
Reality Check – When I work one-on-one with clients we VIDEO!  The playback is often painful, but extremely beneficial.  You can learn a ton and make drastic improvements by learning from watching yourself perform.

12.  It wasn’t meant for you
Just because you can get the job and would be great at it, doesn’t mean it’s meant for you.  There is something bigger and better right around the corner.  Be ready!

Marinate on these.  Make adjustments.  Go get HIRED!  Learn more at www.brooksharper.com

Brooks Harper is an Author, Speaker and Career Expert.  He has successfully led clients to rewarding careers in higher education, pharmaceuticals, bio-medical, defense contracting, fashion and host of other industries.  He has spoken on hundreds of K-12, College and Corporate campuses to more than 750,000 students and professionals. He aspires to the belief that every day is an interview and an opportunity to turn learning into earning.


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