What Are Your Weaknesses? How to answer in an interview

August 13, 2015

What are your weaknesses? My answer to this question has evolved over the years. It still remains quite frustrating at times, because what we hear is, "Why shouldn't we hire you?"  It makes it seem like asking about your strengths is more like a setup question in order to ask about all of your short

7 Things Students Need to Get a Job at Chick-fil-A

November 16, 2013

Recently I had the occasion to hear an owner/operator of Chick-fil-A speak about customer service and what separates them from all other fast food restaurants.  “Our people make the difference!”  Because Chick-fil-A places tremendous emphasis on making customers “feel like family,” they are extremely careful and meticulous about what they look for in potential customer service associates. 

Why Should We Hire YOU?

February 29, 2012

Why should we hire you? The Grand Daddy of all interview questions!  The next few words that come out of your mouth are going to determine whether or not you are negotiating salary or sending out more resumes. Let’s assume for a moment that up to this point in the interview you have been knocking

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